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  • The word agriculture comes from the Latin words ager, means the soil & cultural, means cultivation. Agriculture can be defined as the cultivation and/or production of crop plants or livestock products. Agriculture includes Crop Production, Agriculture Chemistry & Soil Science, Agriculture Engineering, and Extension Education. Agriculture is the backbone of our Indian Economy. Agriculture is the most important human economic activity.

    Haryana is primarily an agricultural state. About 70% of residents are engaged in agriculture. Haryana is self-sufficient in food production and the second largest contributor to India's central pool of food grains. The main crops of Haryana are Wheat, Rice, Sugarcane, Cotton, Oilseeds, Gram Barley, Corn, Millet etc.

    The Department of Agriculture & Farmer's Welfare is concerned with the developments regarding agricultural activities and looks after the welfare of the farmers of Haryana. The head office is situated at Panchkula.

    The Department of Agriculture & Farmer's Welfare is divided into various branches and divisions which are Soil Conservation Branch, Plant Protection Branch, Quality Control Branch, Planning Branch, Engineering Branch, Ground Water Cell, Seed Section, Sugarcane Division, Statistics Branch, World Bank Branch, IT Cell, ATMA, RKVY, NFSM, etc.

    Activities of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department, Haryana -  Engineering Section

    Haryana is one of the leading states for Agriculture production in the Country. It is now heading towards a better future by adopting latest technology including Agricultural Mechanization and assured irrigation through tubewells. Agricultural Engineering wing every year lays down new land marks in the following fields:

    Scheme for Promotion of agricultural mechanization under RKVY, Crop Diversification, State Plan, NFSM and ISOPOM Schemes

     The objectives of the scheme are as under:

    1. To reduce the cost of cultivation.
    2. To ensure timeliness of operations.
    3. To increase the productivity and production of food grains.
    4. Judicious use of farm inputs e.g. Seed, fertilizer, Pesticide, Irrigation Water, Fungicides etc.
    5. To remove the drudgery of labour.
    6. To improve the financial status of the farmers.

    Department provides latest Agricultural Implements/Machinery on subsidy to the farmers of the state under different Centrally/State Sponsored schemes. During the year 2015- 16 following implements will be provided on subsidy @ 50% under the different Schemes:

    A. Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana & Other Mechanization Schemes

    1. Promotion of resource conserving technologies:

    Under this Scheme Happy Seeder, Laser Land Leveler, Cotton Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill Machine, Raised Bed Planter, Mulcher, Multi Crop Planter/ DSR /Multi Crop Seed Drill. Rotavator/Rotary Plough, Zero till seed drill cum fertilizer, Straw Reaper, Reaper Binder, Disc Harrow, Straw Baler, Multicrop Thresher, Hand Operated Sprayer, Battery Operated Sprayer, Tractor Mounted Sprayer, Trench Planter, Ridge Planter, Bullock Drawn Tractor Power Tillers, Sub soiler, Reversible Plough, Hay Rake, Straw Chopper, Straw Shredder cum Slasher etc are to be provided 40 and 50% subsidy to the farmers of general and SC category respectively.

    1. Sub Mission on Agricultural Mechanization

    Under the scheme there is a provision for providing Agricultural Implements on subsidy specially for crop residue management. The implements to be provided are given in the list at Annexure A. There is provision of funds to the tune of Rs. 78 Crore during the year 2017-
    18. During the year 2016-17 5 no. of Custom Hiring centers have been established under the said scheme.

    For more details please visit: http://agriharyana.gov.in/index.php?r=site%2Fdepartmentprofile




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